An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure

A beautiful smile is one of the most important keys to confidence and success, and preventive dentistry is the key to keeping that smile beautiful. Keeping up good oral health is easy, as long as you follow two basic but important steps: taking good care of your teeth and taking regular trips to the dentist. For self-care, know what to do and what not to do to keep your mouth healthy and happy:

  • When flossing, be sure to take enough floss that you can wrap it around your fingers and still have two inches to work with. Be careful not to dig into your gums, but focus on scraping the sides of your teeth and the contact points between them to break up as much plaque as possible.
  • Use only ADA-approved toothpastes and brush at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Avoid hard-bristle brushes as these can actually damage your teeth and irritate your gums. Use gentle, small circular strokes to brush. Take time and care to brush all the exposed surfaces of your teeth, even the hard to reach places in the back of your mouth. Tooth decay can occur anywhere!
  • Avoid sugary foods when possible, as sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. Every bite of sugar you eat exposes your teeth to 20 minutes of exposure to acidic by-products. When you can’t (or won’t) avoid sugar, brush your teeth as soon as possible to minimize the time your teeth are exposed to corrosion. Soft drinks in particular are hard on teeth, since they are both sugary and acidic.

Regular trips to the dentist for preventive dentistry ensure that your teeth and gums are clean and healthy and are important for catching problems before they become serious. Meet with your dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and screening for gum disease. If it’s been longer than six months, contact Clark Family Dental today to set up an appointment!

Dentistry For The Whole Family

Clark Family Dental is a family dentistry practice, meaning not only are we a family dental team, but we want to be able to serve the dental needs of your entire family. What are the advantages of having a single dentist for the whole family? Well, there are quite a few!

The first advantage of having a single family dentist is consistency. He or she will know you and your children and your dental history, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time transferring records and bringing different dentists up to speed. Additionally, it will be a lot easier to detect and treat health issues early on. And you’ll know your dentist, and be familiar with his or her values and procedures. This will facilitate easy and effective dental care and ensure that your trips to the dentist are as stress-free as possible.

Logistically, it’s a lot easier to schedule different children’s dental appointments at one time, so you can take them all to see the dentist in a single trip. Having a single dental provider makes that simple, and makes it easy to keep track of those appointments. It also makes insurance and bill payment much easier to only have to make arrangements with a single office.

One of the hardest thing about taking children to the dentist is the stress that it puts on the child – dental practices can be scary places for children! At Clark Family Dental, we pride ourselves on our welcoming, inviting atmosphere, and using us for all your family dentistry needs will allow us to build familiar relationships with you and your children, making our practice a much more comfortable, stress-free place for them and for you. We’ll also be able to help your children create and follow an oral hygiene routine that will keep their smiles healthy for years to come.

If you’re looking for family dentistry in the New Albany area, make an appointment with us today, and let us care for your family like we care for our own!